Best Writing tips that you might be missing

There are many who know how to write but writing well is a form of art, and it requires certain skills and quite a lot of practice to perfect it. Expressing your actual thoughts on paper may not be easy but and being a good writer can’t happen over time, it is not impossible though. With practice and repetition, you can surely get better. Few tips to help you in your writing journey b are-

  1. Before you let your pen meet the paper, make sure that you are clear yourself. Be clear about why you are writing and know what you are writing. If you are not clear, the start may be clear, but you may lose yourself in the middle. You do not want to be all over the place.
  2. Start off with the main intention of why you are writing. You can’t keep your readers reading for so long and only at the end you start with your main idea. Starting off with the main topic enables your readers to know what they are going to get from reading it, if they are interested- they will continue to read. Brevity is the golden rule in any form of writing.
  3. Going natural. At times when you use the thesaurus a little too much with complex words, it can throw off your readers. Writing in simplicity is also an art. Simplicity helps your readers to be absorbed in the story. Words that sound natural helps keep the flow of the story with the readers.
  4. Don’t be on repeat. Don’t add more words to your sentence just to extend it. It can be redundant.
  5. Adding colours to your words. When you add a little too much colour to your sentence describing a certain object or scenery, it makes it harder for the reader to visualise what you want them to.
  6. Be in a relaxed state of mind. If you are too stressed or angry or sad, It can hamper your writing-i.e., if you are writing something other than your dairy. Your ideas won’t be clear when you have too much going on in your head.
  7. When you get into the flow of writing, just continue to do so. Do not stop to correct the mistake. If you continuously stop to fix your sentences, it can disrupt the flow. Go with the flow and only at the end correct what you need
  8. Reading it out loud. Do read what you have written because when you do read what you have written, it can come off slightly different from what you have written or the sentence doesn’t seem right when you read.
  9. Readers first. Write for your readers, your aim is for your readers to grasp what you want to say. You know what you are writing but will your readers know?
  10. There are certain habits which are hard to get rid off- typos, grammar mistakes, clichés. Know your common mistakes and aim at fixing them.

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