How to turn writing into your Profession?

Writing is always a fun thing to do, and it comes with so many benefits. But when you want to pursue your hobby or the thing you are passionate about into a career it can prove to be quite a challenge. Simply enjoying writing to turn it into a profession is sadly not enough. You need to know that you will face rejections, challenges and might fall. You need to have the desire and strive to preserve it. Here are a few tips that can assist you on your journey to be a professional writer-

  1. Set goals that will push you and challenge you to make use of all your time, energy and the skills to achieve your dream and then strive for it with everything you have because it is not going to be an easy road. There are so many aspiring writers so you will need to do what you can to stand out from the rest.
  2. You need to make writing your priority if you want it as your profession. You will need to make the tough calls from choosing your hobby or write because writing is not simply a hobby that you do occasionally.
  3. To be a writer you will need to pitch in your stories to the editors. Contact the editors, explain who you are with your article ideas or if they will be interested in your pitches. So you will have to start your research on how to find agents or the way to get published. A way you can do this is by looking through the books that fit the genre you are going to write, and there you will find the publisher’s details.
  4. Being a writer is not an easy job, you have to find publishers and build up your writer platform, also maintaining it and the list goes. You will need to get your work out to the world. It is a rare case when the first book of the author turns to a best seller. Many authors publish some novels before their work starts gaining the real serious notice. So you will need to get your work out there and published so that you are a step forward and can strive towards your goal – gaining recognition, getting a larger audience who would read your work.
  5. If you can’t reach at a large organisation from the beginning, there is no harm starting with smaller publications and then slowly work your way up. Employers prefer when they know what the writers are capable of.
  6. Also taking up writing as a profession doesn’t mean you sit at home all day with your PJs and write. It is also required of you to build your network of connects and establish PR contacts by attending conferences or any social events that would be beneficial to you. Another way is blogging, and other forms of social media too can assist, it can aid you in building up your credentials.

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