Outside the universities: to whom do I turn to become a good copywriter? 

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We have come to the end of our academic course, we are beautiful, graduate in hand, adrenaline at the rivers and want to do as no one … .and now ?!

We all hope that once in the job market each of you knows what to do, how to do it and that it can find the best conditions to transform your knowledge into knowing and to make a career.

But if you need inspiration, sources telling you what skills to possess and how to use them then try to remember the followers:

# 1 About the writer’s trade and style


One of the essays of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, 156 pages in which, through three treatises, Schopenhauer warns us of the malcontents of all those who deal with writing. He says more and more widespread vices that feed a wrong and harmful use of communication and teach us with thoughtful but at the same time pungent and methodical arguments. If language has to become your job, then choosing him as a master is no doubt a good start.

# 2 The copy craft. Creative Writing Manual

This text is a bit to be considered the milestone on which to build the figure of the copy. Written in 2005 by one of the greatest Italian copies, Michelangelo Coviello, offers useful tips on how to cure and train the main tool of every good advertising campaign: Italian. Language is a complex muscle, to be meticulously cured, to be trained and exploited in full.

# 3 Content Evolution – The New era of Digital Marketing

Last work by our colleagues, Francesco Gavatorta and Alberto Maestri, focuses on the new frontier of modern marketing, content marketing. A good copy produces content, texts that have an appeal if used with dexterity, effective if designed for the right end and channeling in the most appropriate means.

Understanding how content marketing evolves means understanding what our customers are asking or what to propose if they are called into question. It is an important step towards the stage of application of our creative knowledge.

# 4 Neuromarketing – Celebrating Activity and Buying Behaviors

One of the texts recommended in our book section, written by Martin Lindstrom and translated into Italian by V.B Sala. To be a good copywriter means to be able to produce a catchy text but to do so you need to understand the mechanisms that trigger people’s state of mind and concrete, understand what they are buying and why they do it. For example – how to write rules of poker in understandable and attractive way when you are not a gambling expert? That‘s why you should be good at neuromarketing. The survey lasted over three years on 2000 people from all over the world reveals all these little secrets that are the basis of the success of entire advertising campaigns, spots, symbolic slogans, etc. etc.

# 5 Lesson from Mad Men


Understanding modern marketing, anticipating future evolutions, incorporating a highly competitive business environment, all that requires a profound knowledge of the past, the history of advertising from the beginning to the present. Our ninja Adele Savarese and Emma Gabriele are inspired by the Mad Men series to accompany us in a historical excursus to the roots of advertising through the stories of Don Draper and members. A guide light rebuilt through the voices of Italian mad men.

# 6 Copywriter 101

Ebook written by the authors of the Copyblogger international blog, is a true copywriting lesson in 10 steps. A quick, intuitive, schematic, and very exciting learning text that illustrates not only the correct way of doing the profession but tries to bring those elements to modern nonconform marketing.

# 7 Create! Design Contagious Ideas (and Make the World Better)

A special place is occupied by our sensei Mirko Pallera and his text by Sperling & Kupfer, so we left him as dulcis in the bottom. What you are reading has not only the intention to provide you with a guide to becoming a good copy, trying to inspire you to make you the best marketer and better citizen. That’s why we advise you to read it and let you get infected as well as succeed to each of us. It’s not just a formula for making unconventional viral marketing, it’s about getting to know the roots of Ninja Marketing’s essence.

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