Top 10 Benefits of Writing

There is more to writing than what we think. Writing can be a hobby or way of learning. Either way, it provides a platform for us to learn and to work. It is not only fun, but it provides a form of expression and communication enabling one to share their thoughts and feelings. There are more perks to writing. Some of which are:

  1. Writing can be a mode that enables our thoughts to be visible, and it is a tool that helps one to think critically.
  2. Cultivating the habit of writing can aid us in creating meaningful sentences and can help in being more clear with our ideas, plans and thoughts. By writing it creates a form of a structure that allows you to communicate to the other with simplicity and clarity. Often time, when there are some ideas in our head, and we say them out loud, the whole idea sounded more impressive in our head, so if we keep writing, over time, we tend to speak as we write. Breaking down complex ideas and transmitting them to the other becomes an easier task.
  3. Writing can also benefit one is being a better listener and a better speaker as well.
  4. Writing down what we feel has a therapeutic element to it. It can aid in improving one’s mood, welfare and reduce stress. It can also aid in managing our stress, anger and pain healthily. Writing is also a form of healing our pains or the traumas that we faced.
  5. We often forget to be grateful for the things in our life, and we tend to focus on the negative points hence when we write the good things in our life at least once a week, it, in turn, provides a sense of gratitude with a better focus on the positivity of life and staying optimistic. Another plus point is that when we are relaxed and feel positive, we have the tendency of sleeping better making our mind and body better too.
  6. Writing can provide a way of exercise for the brain making us more productive.
  7. When we have so many things that need to be done, our brain tends to get stressed and unable to think with clarity hence even writing down simple task can guide us in planning, prioritising what ought to be done and how to carry them out.
  8. Maintaining a diary and writing about what we have in mind and what we feel, it can benefit us in understanding better and actualizing the reality. With better understanding and clarity, it will help in making better decisions.
  9. Writing down your plans, ideas and objectives can assist us in staying more focused on our goal and achieving our dreams.
  10. Writing daily can also be a way of maintaining our record of our lives, your historical record, which we can look at it in times head or maybe even publish it.

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