Various Writing jobs that anyone can try

There are many who talk about being a writer but what kind of writer? There are many forms of writing that one can take up as a career. Understanding the different paths available can help in finding your niche. Here is a list of some types of writer that one can choose to be.

  1. Academic writers- Academic writers are those who write for topics on academics, research, university paper, scientific ideas, etc. Academic writers do not do it for the money but more for the honour when they get their paper/articles published. This sort of writing requires specialisation with years of study in that certain topic or expertise in the field. Academic writers are required to follow a certain format of writing.
  2. Creative writers- Creative writing in an interesting type of writing. Creative writers are allowed to play with creativity and have to be original and innovative. Unlike another kind of writers who have to be objective and write based on facts. Creative writers are subjective to their inner thoughts, expressions, feelings and their own opinion on the subject matter. Creative writing is not only limited to a specific form, but it is a vast field in itself.
  3. Journalist- Journalist writers most of the time work for specific publications. A journalist writer’s work is read mostly by the general public as they work for newspapers, magazines, informative articles, news reports. Working as a journalist requires a degree in the field. Writers for journalism have to keep up with the current news and trend as they keep changing.
  4. Content writers or copy writers- Content writing and Copy writing two writing forms that are a little similar in their original writing style. They had gained popularity because of the invention of the internet. Content writers write contents for some topics and some sources. Content writing is versatile, and the authors write articles such as web page content, blogs or any articles for advertisement or promotional content. There is a demand for copy writers as well for internet writing. Copy writers write for advertisements as well. They write ads or attractive descriptions for products belonging to various businesses.
  5. Novelists- The writers are known as authors. This is one form of writing that many aspire to be. Novelist works in the genre of fiction. A novelist needs to have the skills to come up with a concept, visualise and pen it down. Making a living as a novelist may be quite a challenge as the competition is high. It might a long way before one gets to be one of the best sellers.
  6. Technical writers- With so much development in the digitalizing world, the demand for technical writers are coming up as well. The technical writers write down system documentation, creating operation manuals, product catalogues and user manuals for devices and other software. This field of writing requires a certain level of knowledge in the subjects relating to technology and its products.

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